Custom Built Drone Aircraft

For LIDAR, Cinema, and Agriculture


Our custom aircraft design is intended to fill the current gap in aircraft availability between small and very large drones. Our hexacopter design weighs 25 lbs. with batteries, leaving up to 30 lbs. for payload or extended flight times.


These 6 rotor aircraft are designed to outperform industry leaders including the Alta X. 


Our teams has been building and flying custom multirotor drones for twenty years for TV/Film work, Agricultural uses, and Oil and Gas Industry surveying, leak detection, and mapping.

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Our Hexacopters Can Be Fully Outfitted For Your Needs

Bespoke LIDAR Aircraft - Starting at $12,000

Bespoke Cinema Drone - Starting at $12,000

Your aircraft will be ready for pickup or delivery within 6 weeks of order. We are located in Santa Fe, NM and offer delivery of your assembled and flight ready aircraft anywhere in the continental US.

Sky Board Racing aircraft are custom built to meet your specific needs. Our designs come ready for gimbal attachment and setup, but do not include gimbals, LIDAR, or camera units. It would be our pleasure to prepare your aircraft with these additional systems.

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